Why Wait?! (Remastered for more Raw)

Sam Prock



My punk ass needed to play something very raw immediately! Like right NOW! :) Gonna get bumpy and you've being warned! hell yeah, one minute (and now by persistent request two minutes :)! I bet it finishes earlier when you press a Skip button :P

I broke 3 good guitar picks on my Yamaha electric bass on this outburst! and grinding the Fender Silver Bullet strings on Fender Strat, (couple of those on the cover art... ney I got more solid ones, but soft gave nice feel to jamn' it)

Juss tryin' to annoy you with an avalanche of unconditional joys & sorrows :) Get your chance to throw tomatoes at me while you can! Prefer organic produce though! :P

Good day everyone!

Played by me on Fender Start and Yamaha Electric bass. Used Line 6 Pod XT and B-52 LS-100 Head and 4x12 B-52 cab. Drums (since I lost my real ones in life transitions) are from IK Multimedia. Compressed and assembled in Live 9 with IK Multimedia mastering tools.

©2016 Sam Prock. Released by Sam Prock, August 2016.